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Watercity Waterpark

WATERCITY provides people of all ages with the chance to enjoy their holidays, explore the beautiful park, relax by the pools, spend hours and hours on our exciting and thrilling games and rides, enjoy the sunshine, have a snack or a drink in our many restaurants and bars and shop for souvenirs for their loved ones.

Our main aim is to make your day as pleasurable as possible!

This is the best amusement park on the island, don’t miss it!


At Watercity the safety of our visitors is of utmost importance. For that reason we have fully trained lifeguards and staff.

The park operates according to all international rules and specifications for the safety of its visitors.

Book with us your entrance tickets and bus arrangments 

Water Games

Wave Pool

Just take a yellow ring and let the biggest wave pool in Europe amaze you. The waves travel from side to side as well as parallel, whilst reaching 1.5 meters in height and travelling in 5 different directions.

Tarzan's Game

Tarzan jumped from tree to tree in the jungle. You can copy him at Watercity waterpark, while jumping into the swimming pool for an exciting splash.

Children's Pool 1

Being a child has its positive side. A play area with a wide variety of interactive water games and a lot of children's slides. Watched by lifeguards, your children can safely have fun for hours.

Children's Pool 2

Being a child has its positive side. Here the adventure in the 2 children's swimming pools never stops. Your children can enjoy themselves with safety for many hours.

Jacuzzi, Whirlpool

Now you probably need some relaxation. Use the Jacuzzi pool alone or with friends. It is the ideal place to relax in bliss between palm trees.

Children's Slides

5 suitably designed children's slides are waiting for our small friends for unlimited fun leading them to the swimming pool for a refreshing plunge where the amusement continues.

Hydro Tubes & Free Fall

After a fast free fall from the slide feel the gravity in your legs as you are thrown into the swimming-pool. It is now time for the twin hydro tubes, whose sound of water draws you to them.

Body Slide Cyclone

Take a deep breath and then experience what it feels like being in the middle of a cyclone. After spinning for a while you suddenly fall into the swimming pool.

Lazy River

The Watercity waterpark river is 385 meters long. Visitors of all ages can have fun in the rested way round the river with its soft stream. It is a pleasant break after the use of our fascinating games. You can’t understand where the river begins or finishes. With a distance of 385 metres it offers a leisurely afternoon with some surprises in order to keep your attention.

Multi Race

High speed multi route slide. Race your friends in this high speed exciting ride to see who can be the first to reach the pool at the bottom.


A fast twisting and turning tunnel of darkness, sat in your rubber ring you feel the gravity pulling you ever faster into the pool below.

Black & Red Tube

Two tubes, a black and a red one full of darkness and many turns. The darkness adds to the excitement as you never know which way you are turning next until you reach the bottom.

Turbo Guns

One of the most fascinating games that is suitable only for the boldest. Open and closed type hyper slides with high speed and turns that take your breath away.

Hyper Race

Race your friends down the slope, see who can be the fastest and be the first into the pool.

Crazy River

Have you seen your parents yell like small children? The mad river is the slide that will drive you crazy. The enormous slide with the three swimming-pools on its journey takes you through the beautiful trees and olive groves of the park.


Join the fun with your friends in a double ring and enjoy the fun of this winding slide.

Turbo Cyclone

Experience the twisting and turning of this cyclone ride as you are spun around and around until you splash into the pool.

Giant Park Pool

Enjoy the tranquillity of the gigantic swimming pool. Rest and relax around the pool inbetween the amusement and excitement of the wide variety of games available. Sunbathe in the glorious setting of our water park or take shelter under the natural shade of the trees.

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