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Dimokratias Street 29  L.Hersonisou Crete Greece P.C. 70014

V.A.T: EL 050630546  

tel:   +30 2897024428

Knossos- Zeus cave

"There is no future without the path made to it by the past."


Knossos Palace is one of the most exciting and ancient places to see in Crete. This is the evidence of one of the most developed- Minoan civilization, dated back 5th century AD. The palace is a place, where were born many thrilling legends, such as myth of the Labyrinth with the Minotaur, the story of Daedalus and Ikaros.

You will be impressed by the variety of building materials and wall-paintings decorating the rooms and passages, and amazed by the advanced level of technology, which is demonstrated by architectural and structural features, such as drainage complex and water supply system.

Driving toward central Crete we will visit the  Monastery "Kera Kardiotisa", dedicated to Virgin Mary and is locally known as Little Lourdes with people making pilgrimages to pray for relief from their sins.

After we will arrive in Lasithi Plateau and a short stop in Vidiani monastery dedicated to "Zoodohos pigi"(The life-giving spring).

The monastery hosts a small natural history museum, in collaboration with the University of Crete.

After the lunch break in one of the local villages,we will have the opportunity to walk into the "Diktaion Antron" or Psychro cave , an ancient site of worship and one of Crete's most important and impressive caves. According to mythical traditions Zeus,father of gods and mortals was born there.

Short visit at a traditional potter's factory seeing an ancient ceramic art ,before  our drive back to your hotels.



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