FIVOS TRAVEL FILIPPAKIS MICHAEL   MHTE License :1039E601074201      

Dimokratias Street 29  L.Hersonisou Crete Greece P.C. 70014

V.A.T: EL 050630546  

tel:   +30 2897024428


Balos-Gramvousa Cruise 


 Departure from Hersonissos Area 06.20 return around 22:00

Price includes:Boat tickets -insured air/co bus -Guide 

Meal on board-small bottle of water



Gramvousa’s location and nature, the legends it is linked to and the long history it carries contribute to its very special atmosphere.  The renowned castle of Gramvousa was built by the Venetians is 1579, on the top of a steep rock. Its majestic beauty combined with the panoramic view and the legend of hidden pirate treasure linked to it are good reasons to pay it a visit. At the same time, Gramvousa’s crystal blue waters make swimming irresistible. After a two-hour stay on the island, we depart for Balos Lagoon where we will arrive in about 20 minutes.


No matter how many good the reviews you have read are or how many impressive photos you have seen... nothing can compare to how you’ll feel when you set foot on Balos! You will walk in the tranquil lagoon, swim in warm, swallow, emerald waters, lie on golden beaches, relax under the hot sun and admire the beautiful landscape comprised of rocks and hills that rise high above your head...! We will stay in this exotic place for about 3 hours.


Gramvousa and Balos are two particularly beautiful nature reserves, included in the European network NATURA 2000!


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