FIVOS TRAVEL FILIPPAKIS MICHAEL   MHTE License :1039E601074201      

Dimokratias Street 29  L.Hersonisou Crete Greece P.C. 70014

V.A.T: EL 050630546  

tel:   +30 2897024428

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Our experienced lifeguard team will make absolutely sure that your visit to Acqua Plus will not only be safe but also fun.


There are a large number of toilets for men and women. There are also special toilets for people with special characteristics.

Telephone boxes

At the entrance to the park we have positioned a public phone that works with euro coins.

Safe lockers/boxes

Visit our shop to get your locker. Many types of sizes to ensure that you can have fun without worry for your personal belongings. This service is offered at an extra cost.

Changing facilities

There are plenty of changing rooms for women and men. There is also a baby changing table located at the women’s changing room.


There are showers in every changing room with hot and cold water.


Certified first aid personnel are always on duty to help all visitors with any problem that might occur.

Free sunbeds and umbrellas

The entry price includes a free sun bed and an umbrella for every two sun beds. Please note that this is subject to availability and it is not guarantee.

Reception information desk

Have questions? Ask us. Our girls at the entrance of the park are always ready to help you in any questions that you might have.

Photo shop

A photographer is always around to take photos of you and your family having a great time. You can purchase those photos either in paper or in electronic form from our photo shop.

Free Wi-fi

It’s a new world and we had to be a part of it. Our services include free wi-fi access to all clients. Ask any of our shops for the current password to connect to the internet.





The biggest slide promises you a thrill you never lived before. Starting from a 14.5m height it gives you the feeling that you fall without a safety net. An experience, that you can only live it in Acqua Plus.

Black Holes (2)

One fast and one very fast tube with lighting and sound effects along the 110m route of each ride. It combines spectacular effects through dark tunnels and beams of light, which attack the senses as you ride through waterfalls and tunnels to the final splash!


Crazy River

For most this is the best water slide in Acqua Plus. It’s perfect for all either young, or couples or families. There is nothing crazier than the crazy river. A zigzag slide that leads to 3 different pools and make’s the escape difficult.


The so called the “spinner” or the “toilet”. This mad slide will take you on a crazy ride into the eye of the storm. You will begin your ride from a 15m height tube, spin around a huge funnel, go through a giant hole and end up at the bottom of the pool.

Multirace Four Lane Waterslide

Are you ready for a race? Take your friends and choose your lane, hear the signal from the lifeguard and start the race. First to reach the bottom of the slide is the winner. If you are passing near this slide be careful because you will definitely become wet.

Giant Slides (3)

Three giant slides with a zigzag effect. Either ride alone or take your child with you. It’s a great fun especially when you share the experience with someone else.

Extreme Kamikaze & Tornados

Four extreme waterslides are promising to increase your adrenaline and lift your emotions to the maximum. Climb to the top of our 15-meter tower and choose from four curvy, twisting and slippery slides.

Kamikaze Waterslide

Our fastest and longest ride. A length of 125m in the shape of waves can promise you that your journey will not be an easy one. Try to cross your legs to gain more speed and a bigger splash at the end.


Lose all control on the hydro tube, and experience a thrilling sensation and reach a full speed at 50km/h while water splash your face in high speed. Ending with a big splash at the end pool.

W.O.W Balls

The famous Walk on Water Balls. Have you ever imagine yourself walking on water. Well this is your chance. You will enter a large inflatable ball that will give you the feeling that you are within a water bubble that travels on water. It’s hard to stay standing but the result will repay you for all the trouble. It is offered at an extra charge and it is not included in the entrance ticket.

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