FIVOS TRAVEL FILIPPAKIS MICHAEL   MHTE License :1039E601074201      

Dimokratias Street 29  L.Hersonisou Crete Greece P.C. 70014

V.A.T: EL 050630546  

tel:   +30 2897024428



 Here they are the pearls – a lovely village, a sparkling port town and a fascinating island - enveloped by majestic Mirabello bay. This wonderful day tour embraces the Mediterranean island life in all its variety - stunning sceneries, its rural and urban charm, some of the most spectacular sites of the island (a swimming opportunity), its culture, history and a sea - it is probably one of the best tours to take when visiting Crete. Heading east from the island's capital, Heraklion, a glorious panorama unfolds as you approach the spectacular bay of Mirabello, a stunning location situated on Crete's north east coast. The gulf sits beneath the dramatically soaring Thripti Mountains. Connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway the island of Kolokytha, attached to Elounda creates a sheltered bay within a bay, which stretches to the fascinating island of Spinalonga. Explore Kritsa - a traditional mountain village seated among olive groves and known as a setting of quite few film scenes shot in Crete. An opportunity to taste a traditional, well-brewed Greek coffee (or mountain tea), meet the villagers. As we continue the scenic road takes us to small port where we take a boat to Spinalonga. Over the years, Spinalonga Island has gained the reputation as one of all-time favorite sightseeing on Crete - it is stunning location, rich with legends and touching stories.. Maybe you have read Viktoria Hislop’s international bestselling novel “Island”? This tour is not only about island; it’s the whole journey to and from, starting from either the charming seaside village Plaka or fisherman’s Elounda. Family-owned taverns seated in Elounda bay are great to enjoy the Crete’s seafood offering (fish, calamari, and octopus) or equally good lamb chops. Explore the charming port town Agios Nikolaos - one of the most picturesque in whole Greece, discover its mystic and legendary lake and enjoy the panoramic view of the town from our special view point. .

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