Minoan Masterpieces, Wine & More


Explore the Knossos Archaeological site - the heart of the Minoan kingdom and the story about once-upon-the-time most fascinating ancient city in the world.


Smooth the dense Minoan-soaked experience by tasting some of best wine varieties of Crete at renowned family-owned winery in Crete's winemaking region​. 

Delicious lunch and a great, home-cooked food experience in a small, family tavern .

Archanes the most charming hamlet of Crete. To the west looms sacred Mt. Juktas,  and Vathypetro where archaeologists brought to light the most ancient winery in the world.

Old by more than 3,500 years !

Phaistos, Hagia Triada & Gortyn


Phaistos palace with its architectural plan is exquisite in its design. Phaistos was the home of Radamanthis, the brother of the legendary king of Minos. 

The Agia Triada complex is thought to have been a villa or small palace,  which was built at the end of the Middle Minoan period (2000-1550 BC).

Homer mentions Gortyn as one of the major cities of Crete and says that had a strong wall around.

Plato says that Gortyn had the most organized law system in Crete, which was confirmed by the inscription-law which found there. Also many coins with Europe representation on the back of the bull, some others with a lion's head etc. It seems that the people honored Europe as a great goddess!



Pearls of Mirambelo

Here they are the pearls – a lovely village, a sparkling port town and a fascinating island - enveloped by majestic Mirabello bay.


This wonderful day tour embraces the Mediterranean island life in all its variety - stunning sceneries, its rural and urban charm, some of the most spectacular sites of the island (a swimming opportunity), its culture, history and a sea - it is probably one of the best tours to take when visiting Crete.


Heading east, a glorious panorama unfolds as you approach the spectacular bay of Mirabello, a stunning location situated on Crete's north east coast. The gulf sits beneath the dramatically soaring Thripti Mountains.


Connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway the island of Kolokytha, attached to Elounda creates a sheltered bay within a bay, which stretches to the fascinating island of Spinalonga.

Over the years, Spinalonga Island has gained the reputation as one of all-time favorite sightseeing on Crete - it is stunning location, rich with legends and touching stories. Here we will have a guided tour with our expert guide to discover its secrets and its past. Maybe you have read Viktoria Hislop’s international bestselling novel “Island”?


​Explore the charming port town Agios Nikolaos with its bottomless lake a real jewel of the city connected to the sea by a narrow canal, while its natural surroundings turn it into a site of great satisfaction. According to the legend, Athena and Artemis were washing their hair at the deep blue waters of the lake.

Delicious Rethymnon

A place blessed with beauty, embraced by breathtaking mountains and the deep blue of the Mediterranean, decorated with renaissance colors and inhabited by people known for their hospitality, honoring their ancestors and traditions. It is a place one falls in love at first sight and visitors are able to feel the positive vibes of the city from the very first moment, making them feel at home!


The city that is rich with history, tradition, beauty and Vitality. That's Rethymno - the ideal for getting best of what Crete offers. We add few lovely villages and the famous monastery to our tour and make sure you don't miss out the highlights of rural Crete.

Tour highlights :

 Enjoy one of the most scenic coastal drives and fantastic landscape that is never a bore;  Highlights of Cretan countryside: visit Arkadi monastery – one of the most important and picturesque monasteries on island, have a glimpse at ancient Eleftherna and explore lovely Margarites village, known for its pottery, developed since Minoan times and some wonderful Byzantine churches;


 Rethymno walking & highlights tour and shopping enjoy the seaside promenade, maybe a cup of Greek coffee, before heading back to the Heraklion port.


 Did we mention a delicious food in a village tavern or one of the restaurants of Rethymnon for lunch?

You should definitely try the glorious food in some of the best restaurants in Rethymnon.



Feel like royalty in the welcoming embrace of locals, whose willingness to express their philoxenia always involves the invitation to share a feast.

The unbridled emotion that stirs the heart and makes the soul sing...


Getting lost in a maze of cobblestone streets and whitewashed walls, meet the fascinating People and the Culture of Crete.

This journey through the villages  forgotten by time in the mountainous inner parts,see and smell orange blossoms, olive groves, cypresses, pine-trees and a profusion of wild flowers.

 Spili  built at the foot of Voriza Mountain.Due to its fabulous location offers an astonishing view to the sea and the entire surrounding filled with trees, fountains, springs and chapels and churches with wonderful murals.

Meronas village built amphitheatrically, it offers an unobstructed view into the high green oasis of the Amari Valley and the mountainous bulk of Psiloritis. 

have a special tour in one of the village chapels to see the unique frescoes from 13th century. Meet the village lady in traditional cafeneio.

Lunch at a hand-picked, truly authentic family tavern 

Admire the history and Venetian baroque architecture of Arkadi monastery, located in the scenic surrounding of vineyards

Margarites village near the ancient town of Eleftherna. A village with Venetian roots, mentioned by sixteenth-century travellers and  the most important and well-known pottery center of Crete since Minoan Times.

Family Olive Oil Farm​​ visit Taste the precious " elixir" of life. Cretan Olive oil is the best in the world and is part of the very healthyCretan diet that gives the people of Crete long and healthy lives.

Wine not? Top vineyard to visit

Locals claim, with some justification, that wine has been being made in Crete for four thousand years, probably using grape varieties not far removed from the Kotsifali and Mandilaria (for red), Plyto and Vilana(white) that are extensively cultivated today.


Cretan wines, traditionally very much vin ordinaire, are increasingly sophisticated, and a number of wineries open their doors to visitors, through most require appointments..

Paterianakis winery Organic wines  It is a third generation family company, the first in the island of Crete who introduce the organic grape cultivation and one of the few wineries in Greece with a vertical organization of its production process!




If you opt for healthy, qualitative and
100% environmentally friendly products
then organic wines should be your choice!
Natural and authentic wines in the production
of which there is NO use of chemical or
synthetic fertilizers. In other words, no soil,
water and atmosphere contamination.


They cultivate six unique indigenous and five first class international varieties using the latest organic techniques, and they can inspire through a series of products with a strong personality.


Also enjoy a coffee in an old traditional village or taste the amazing mezes , greek tapas costless delicius small dishes with the best Cretan cousine has to offer.



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