Minoan Masterpieces, Wine & More

Explore the Knossos Archaeological site - the heart of the Minoan kingdom and the story about once-upon-the-time most fascinating ancient city in the world (2 ha)

Smooth the dense Minoan-soaked experience by tasting some of best wine varieties of Crete at renowned family-owned winery in Crete's winemaking region​. 

Delicious lunch and a great, home-cooked food experience in a small, family tavern .

Archanes the most charming hamlet of Crete. To the west looms sacred Mt. Juktas,  and Vathypetro where archaeologists brought to light the most ancient winery in the world.

Old by more than 3,500 years !

Phaistos, Hagia Triada & Gortyn

Phaistos palace with its architectural plan is exquisite in its design. Phaistos was the home of Radamanthis, the brother of the legendary king of Minos. 

The Agia Triada complex is thought to have been a villa or small palace,  which was built at the end of the Middle Minoan period (2000-1550 BC).

Homer mentions Gortyn as one of the major cities of Crete and says that had a strong wall around.

Plato says that Gortyn had the most organized law system in Crete, which was confirmed by the inscription-law which found there. Also many coins with Europe representation on the back of the bull, some others with a lion's head etc. It seems that the people honored Europe as a great goddess!


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